Ryan Crosson, Tale of Us & Aquarius Heaven - Into Later Habitats EP

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  • Tale Of Us and the Visionquest collective (which Ryan Crosson is a part of) have both carved out a niche by pushing emotionally charged tech house. Stir ex-reggae and dancehall vocalist Aquarius Heaven into this style and you've got an intriguing collaboration. Aquarius Heaven sits out opener "Angel," leaving Crosson, Conte and Milleri to weave a multi-layered, eight-minute tapestry. An airy intro leads into a series of trademark Tale Of Us synths, each defined by their techy ethereality. An insistent groove adds some dance floor bite, before a set of rising shimmers recaptures a progressive tinge. Crosson takes full control of the buttons on "Head Above Water," constructing an uncomplicated 4/4 beat to heighten the impact of Aquarius Heaven's worldly lyrics. A rolling bassline adds a touch of drive, while flickering synths and swaying pads help keep the tone deep and pensive. If placed in the right context, it's a record that has the potential to spark a particular type of dance floor moment.
  • Tracklist
      A Ryan Crosson & Tale of Us - Angel B Ryan Crosson & Aquarius Heaven - Head Above Water