Fairmont - Automaton Remixes 2

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  • It could be argued that a second remix EP of Fairmont's enjoyable but hardly epoch-defining LP Automaton was over-egging things a little. Unlike the first set, which was defined by Ewan Pearson's bold rework of "Last Dance," there's no major focal point here, though there is enough quality to justify the release. French producer Nhar's rework of "Sara" is likely to go down best with fans of Fairmont's dreamy, trancey aesthetic. It retains the original's sleepy feel but stretches it into a double-length ambient house epic replete with cosy beats and an ultra-atmospheric background. Ivan Smagghe and Tim Paris's take on "Creatures Of The Night" in their It's A Fine Line guise pushes the original's Depeche Mode-indebted electronic pop into a tunnel of discordant bleeps and staccato percussion. Remixes of "Waiting" and "Libertine," by My Favorite Robot and Nitin & Clayton Steele, work similar tricks on slow and stately tracks. The former adds a 4/4 drum beat, a club-friendly bassline and synth and effects flourishes, while the latter winds Fairmont's vocal around a percussive techno base. Neither is groundbreaking, but both do the job reasonably well.
  • Tracklist
      01. Creatures Of Night (It's A Fine Line Remix) 02. Sara (Nhar Remix) 03. Waiting (My Favorite Robot Remix) 04. Libertine (Nitin & Clayton Steele Remix)