Terrence Parker - Finally (Baby Be Mine)

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  • By a conservative estimate, the three producers involved with Finally (Baby Be Mine)—its producer and two remixers—have 140 years experience between them. That's nearly ten Happas. So, as you might expect, this isn't a journey into moombahton or vaporwave. Detroit producer Terrence Parker lays down a foundation of barreling Jersey keys and stretched out handclaps, although it's the sweet warble of Reno Ka that gives it a lift. Those waiting for Carl Craig to relive his sprawling epics of old will be disappointed by the C2 edit, which is basically a slightly extended instrumental version of the original. It's left to Louie Vega to show them how it's done. At ten minutes, his reworking is most definitely sprawling and, most importantly, brings something different to the original. There's a touch of "French Kiss" in the wobbly keys, even some Yellow Magic Orchestra-style synths in the melody. Vega also works trademark Latin percussion and quirky sleigh bells into the mix.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Finally (Planet E Mix) A2 Finally (C2 Edit) B Finally (Louie Vega’s Dance Ritual Mix)