Kate Simko - Your Love

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  • Though the last few years have seen deep house discarding emotion in favour of rough-and-ready functionality, Spectral Sound affiliate Kate Simko's been keeping the pensive candle burning. Her latest release continues the song-led approach of her trio of releases on Leftroom from last year, with a sombre slab of deep house that slathers Jem Cooke's vocals in reverb, and reveals them in snatches from behind doleful piano chords. In the latter half, Detroit strings and bells signal a shift towards the floor, but it's only a brief interlude, and Simko soon dives back into maudlin introspection. Tevo Howard has little time for moodiness. His remix places Cooke amidst frenetic bass and Drexciyan rhythms, the elegiac atmosphere of the original transposed into something far ravier. Though Kerri Chandler's remix is anchored with a by-numbers beat, the aqueous synth stabs are custom built for Panorama Bar's early hours, especially once they're joined by a screaming rave lick. Chandler and Simko's instrumental mixes are exactly that—whatever happened to proper dub versions?—but Cooke's vocal is so haunting that they feel neutered by its absence.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Your Love A2 Your Love (Tevo Howard Remix) B1 Your Love (Kerri Chandler Bob Beaman Vocal Mix) B2 Your Love (Kerri Chandler Bob Beaman Instrumental Mix)