Tuff Sherm - Burglar Loops

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  • Tuff Sherm's second outing on The Trilogy Tapes is a good deal freer than his earlier Pharmacy EP. Its four tracks unfurl like bizarre tendrils rather than charging to a climax. "Cleric" foams all over the place, occasionally channelled into a groove by an impetuous bassline. In its odd soup, industrial scrapings rub against pretty melodic swirls, gritty synth lines and jangling cymbals. "Burglar Loops" is even more interesting. A vocal sample that wouldn't sound out of place on a rap track, synthetic string loops and an opiated bassline bring to mind the drawling melancholia of Southern hip-hop, with some bright percussive clicks tempering the darkness. "Groin Boils" is deeper and more linear than "Cleric," its battered surfaces and warm groove expressing ecstasy and fatigue in one fell swoop. "Drakkhen & Bley" is also more of a straight dance floor track, but within its 4/4 frame, clusters of polyrhythms, samples and itchy synths move restlessly. Burglar Loops is jumbled but cohesive, sounding informed as much by the dollar-bin sampling of leftfield hip-hop as by conventional techno and house.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Cleric A2 Groin Boils B1 Burglar Loops B2 Drakkhen & Bley