Oscar Mulero - Transversal EP

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  • Oscar Mulero's latest record, Transversal, comes through Developer's Modularz label (Developer remixed Mulero a few months ago for the latter's Warm Up Recordings). While Transversal is not as potent as the Spaniard's excellent Accelerometer Operator Principle EP on Semantica earlier in the year, it remains a cut above much of today's faceless tough-techno fodder. Fans of Mulero should quickly recognize the tools of his trade—rolling mid-range heft, gritty trebles, charged atmospheres—used in "Rotula" and "Transversal." My pick is the title track, which goes longer and just a bit deeper. Augmenting "Rotula" is a remix from Truncate, AKA Audio Injection, AKA David Flores. Lately Flores seems to be turning more to Truncate, and to me it's clear the alias has, over the past year or two, yielded stronger stuff. He strips things down with his "Rotula" remix, creating a leaner, more versatile track. Sleeparchive finishes the EP with his take on "Transversal." While I was disappointed with Sleeparchive's EP for Tresor a few months ago, here he continues a long run as a reliable remixer. Slightly slower and certainly chunkier than the source material (although ending more abruptly) this version will require some quick hands to get it working right in the mix.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Rotula A2 Rotula (Truncate Remix) B1 Transversal B2 Transversal (Sleeparchive Remix)