Inigo Kennedy - Insistence

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  • Inigo Kennedy has a knack for moody vibes that has helped him become one of the scene's longtime fixtures. With Insistence, he meets Chicago's Prosthetic Pressings, which has become home to a dependable (and wide-ranging) line of releases over the past few years. The result is less aggressive than much of Kennedy's other material, but otherwise it's business as usual. These three originals (two on wax and one digital-only) see him extract maximum mileage out of subdued, minor key sequences. The title track, apparently a recorded live jam, leaves the kick drum mostly to itself while moving through dim spaces filled with steely shudders and distinctively plaintive synths. "Persist" develops a busier, shuffling rhythm as an ethereal arrangement of bells cascades slowly into the mix—not as dark as "Insist" but foggier. The digital-only "Resist" strikes a balance between the two vinyl tracks, with call-and-response loops and sustained tones lightly coated with distortion. A remix of "Insist" from NYC's Donor (who returns to the label after Ends Meet in late 2011) works in a tough, unpredictable array of syncopated kicks and sharp metallic claps, which neatly contrasts with Kennedy's understated fare and completes another rock-solid record on Prosthetic Pressings.
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      A1 Insist A2 Persist B Insist (Donor Remix)