Alejandro Paz - Inside Job

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  • Like many of his Cómeme peers, Alejandro Paz has an affinity for tough, unsparing grooves. This is as true as ever on his second release for Matias Aguayo's label, though Inside Job does mark a shift in tone from past material: where "Callajeros" and "Free" were breezy affairs, Paz smears these tracks in thick, tar-black strokes. "Lavapiés" has Paz intoning "everybody's back to love" in a terse, disembodied drawl that he's been employing more frequently of late. On this occasion it's well-suited to the track's needling bassline and skeletal, handclap percussion. The terrific "Different But The Same" is the most alluring nod to the EBM references presented throughout the EP, while the guttural, minor key chords of the EP's title track make for the sort of piano house we could use more of. Problems arise when Paz's exuberant approach gets the better of him: your enjoyment of "The Bubble" depends entirely on your tolerance of its squelchy four-bar loop and cacophonous, steroid-fuelled drums. And there's a good track fighting to escape "El Raver," but submerged underneath a constant thud of brittle snares, distant cooing and aqueous pads, it never really breaks free.
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      A1 Lavapies A2 The Bubble B1 Different But The Same B2 Inside Job B3 El Raver