Kurt Baggaley - Line Of Sight

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  • Kurt Baggaley is the prolific UK producer Scape One, and though that pseudonym is associated with frenetic, machine-driven Detroit electro, under his given name he's rather more sedate. Line Of Sight is only his second release as Baggaley, after last year's Magic Of Human, and on that first release it seemed he was still shaking off the Drexciyan wiggles. Its follow-up, on the recently minted Mancunian imprint Stem, is a more focused take on the lush, analogue house of that first EP. "Line Of Sight" has cloudy chords floating over a bruising kick, occasionally joined by an arpeggio that sparkles in and out of view like the sun catching a distant windshield. Legowelt predictably shows less restraint, keeping the chords but battering them into new shapes with rusty hi-hats and snare rolls. Baggaley opts for a similarly booming kick drum on "Touching Your Mind," which doesn't so much mark the beat as bludgeon it. Such a dense low-end jars with the pads that drift up top, and the panoramic vista they conjure is widened on every thud. Wisely, Steffen Kirchhoff expels any trace of air by submerging his mix in bass. It's swampy, but snare and cymbal rattles clattering through filtered sweeps do just enough keep the track afloat.
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      A1 Line Of Sight A2 Line Of Sight (Legowelt Remix) B1 Touching Your Mind B2 Touching Your Mind (Steffen Kirchhoff Perspective)