Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Get Lost VI

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  • Whatever your opinion of Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, there's no doubting that, deep down, Orlando Higginbottom is a music geek. That's what made his first major label album, Trouble, so disappointing. Where were the sharp edges, the idiosyncrasies, which had made his early EPs so interesting? Instead, Trouble sounded like a bid for pop stardom. One which, perhaps happily in the long term, didn't quite pan out. On Get Lost VI, we find TEED reasserting his credentials as an electronic maverick with a singular approach. Though CD1 never quite bursts into life (it wanders too much, detouring into the saccharine house of Alex Boman's "Kilnsman" or Dave Aju's "Anyway"), it is, nonetheless, a refreshingly eclectic set, where you'll find, for instance, the pitched-down vocals of Millennium's "ICU" melting into Kenny Glasgow's post-punk-styled "Dance 2 Da House." If that reflects a certain leftfield, indie-dance aesthetic on Higginbottom's part, the beginning and end of CD1 show a different side of his sound: all rattling percussion, slivers of melody and organic / electronic interplay, these passages are more in the vein of Nico Jaar. Initially, CD2 ups the hit rate. The mixing is flatly functional, but the way it bursts out of the blocks—flipping between kosmische, UR's obscure "Base Camp Alpha 808" and "It's Slow," Trus’me's take on Sheffield bleep techno—is several kinds of marvellous. The set eventually loses this giddy variety, but not before Higginbottom chucks us a DJ Bone, works in Tiga's ridiculous "Plush" and drops Future Four's recreation of classic northern British, late-80's piano house, "Into Orbit". Like Acid Pauli's contribution to the series, Get Lost VI isn't stunning, but it is the kind of playful, unpredictable mix that the world needs more of.
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      CD1 01. Flako - Honey Drips 02. Kevin Harrison - All Night Long 03. Valentina - Wolves (Roman Flugel Remix) 04. Axel Boman - Klinsmann 05. Jorge Velez - Floo 06. Christophe - Comeback (Casino Times Remix) 07. Matthias Zimmerman - Vicente 08. Dave Aju - Anyway 09. Millennium - ICU 10. Kenny Glasgow - Dance 2 Da House 11. Traumprinz - Eachstep 12. Pitto - Mono Desire 13. Gold Panda - Burnt Out Car In A Forest 14. LFO - Track 4 15. Albinos - Bakatribe 16. Asa-Chang & Junray- Hana CD2 01. Deutsche Wertarbeit - Auf Eneglsflugein 02. Underground Resistance - Base Camp Alpha 808 03. Richard H. Kirk - I Want More 04. Visnadi - Hunt's Up 05. Trus'me - It's Slow 06. Breach & Dark Sky - The Click 07. Eats Everything & Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Lion, The Lion 08. Tiga - Plush (Ame Remix) 09. DJ Bone - Thursday Night 10. Future Four - Into Orbit 11. Jamie Jones - Tonight In Tokyo (Breach Remix) 12. Subb-an & Tom Trago ft. Seth Troxler - Time 13. Bernard Badie - Time Reveals 14. Hayden Andre Project - Tribal Life 15. Mathew Jonson - Automaton 16. Separate Minds - Troubled World