The Organ Grinder - The Dancing Angel

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  • The only downside to Cayne Ramos' increasingly gritty house productions is that they don't come around soon enough. Ramos follows up last year's Enoonaml EP for Gerd's 4lux with another quartet of plump house and garage-flecked tunes (he's a former UK garage MC). "Steam Roller" leads the charge. With South Wales resident Cheesus by his side, Ramos lays down a ridiculously addictive bassline that sounds like a tornado passing through your house. Stir in some quaking, deep stabs and fizzing hi-hats and you've got something big. Lighter in execution, "Deep Undercover" mixes traditional French house-isms—muddied bass, clipped guitar loops, sundry disco signifiers—with bone-rattling percussion. "The Driver" and "Order In The House" are closer to the classic '90s approach of Ramos' last EP. The former is all laser cannon pulses, cut-up female vocals and single-note synth melodies, while the EP's closer has gurgling analogue synths and the merest smidge of vocal that's used as a percussive device.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Steam Roller Ft Chesus A2 Deep Undercover B1 The Driver B2 Order In The House
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