Spencer Parker - Change Yo Beat

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  • Spencer Parker's productions have always veered off the house and techno straight and narrow, but "Change Yo Beat" sounds like the kind of stock record the Brit DJ would work into the middle of his set. It's gritty, unfussy house. A vocal loop appears a minute or so in and sticks there, but the track's primary tools are punchy, breathless kick drums and rattling two-note stabs. It's unpretentious and confident dance floor fare. Ryan Elliott's remix has a similar aesthetic, but he comes at it from a different angle, twisting the track into a pitched-up, high-stepping techno roller. Its helicoptering beats, metallic clanks and an oppressive Twilight Zone hum are tailor-made for the darkest corners of both mind and club.
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      A Change Yo Beat B Change Yo Beat (Ryan Elliott Remix)