Apollonia - Trinidad

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  • The three-way production collaboration between Dyed Soundorom, Dan Ghenacia and Shonky is a pretty big event in the world of groove-led, Circo Loco-compatible house. After an excellent RA podcast, a turn at the fabric series and the success of their record label (which recently dug up a lost French classic), there's a lot of pressure on their first single as production unit. "Trinidad" is the stronger of the two, built on the kind of catchy bassline you could listen to for hours. It features Shonky's distinctive synth touches, as well as some blasé spoken word samples. Not a gatecrasher but a fine slow-burner, you realize it's more about subtlety when, a few minutes, in a stomping hat/snare combo hits. "Visa Americain" feels like its natural B-side, formed from the same druggy palette of vocal snippets and odd sounds. Neither track screams "long-anticipated debut," but they're nothing to sneeze at either.
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      A Trinidad B Visa Americain