Simian Mobile Disco & Bicep - Sacrifice

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  • Until recently, a hook-up between these two might have raised a few eyebrows, but Sacrifice shows just how far Bicep have come since "$tripper" came out last year. With the somewhat tiresome accusations of them rehashing '90s house now reduced to a murmur, this collaboration with the ever-reliable Simian Mobile Disco should hopefully dispel the allegations for good. The result of a jam session at SMD's London studios recorded straight to analogue tape, "Sacrifice" unfurls over almost nine minutes, with piercing 909 handclaps, juddering bass synths and a nagging two-note refrain. There was a time when every EP had an ambient or beatless version in order to gain a foothold in the chillout market. SMD & Bicep revive the practice in some style with a remix ("Version 1") that works as a DJ tool, but it's "Version 2" that's the real star. Setting the tape speed to 7.5 inches per second (most professional decks record at around 15 or 30), it turns the original into a blissed-out slow-moving jam of fuggy synths and heavy, narcotic drone.
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      A1 Sacrifice B1 Sacrifice (Beatless Version 1) B2 Sacrifice (Beatless Version 2)