Various - Garden Of Problems Remixes

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  • Though the individual tracks on Poisonous Relationship's Garden Of Problems LP are too long and winding to work on the dance floor, they give remixers plenty to work with. On "Men's Feelings," the tumbling African percussion, tinkling chimes and vocal hook (which sounds like How To Dress Well minus the heartache) build with a teasing slowness into a lithe deep house groove. "Endless Pleasure" also incorporates African percussion into its fug of shuddering vocal loops before it falls headfirst into a joyous groove that meanders for more than 11 minutes. On "Nite Birds,'' beats seem to bloom from the rubbery synths, chopped vocals and soulful piano line. The remix project is mostly a success. Fat synthesised strings and layered vocals form the backbone of The Black Madonna's "Men's Feelings (Mixed Feelings Mix)," but Moorlag's glossy electro rework of the same song, all rubbery bassline and warm piano chords, is a little cheesy. MikeQ's ebullient and minimal "Nite Birds" remix is countered by Massacooramaan, who further mangles the already chopped vocal and adds splashy snares, lifting the groove and teasing it back in gently. And while Montel's "Nite Birds" remix takes a good idea and lets it run more or less unchanging for seven minutes, P.R.'s "Endless Pleasure Dub" is a clear highlight, distilling the 12-minute original into six minutes of sunny claps, funky basslines and big dollops of soulful vocals, sharpening the track's focus without losing too much of its labyrinthine quality.
  • Tracklist
      01. Men's Feelings (The Black Madonna's Mixed Feelings Mix) 02. Men's Feelings (Moorlag Remix) 03. Nite Birds (Montel Remix) 04. Nite Birds (MikeQ Remix) 05. Nite Birds (Massacooramaan Remix) 06. Pleasure (P.R. Dub)