Various - Diggi-Dubbi-Tripp-Mixes

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  • Diggi-Dubbi-Tripp-Mixes was released on Australian label Thug Records, but it's got Sex Tags Mania stamped all over it. The record sports the distinctive graffiti-style Sex Tags artwork, and features three remixes of Nick Anthony Simoncino and Mark Rodgers from DJ Sotofett, the label's co-founder. Reggae has long been an important part of the Sex Tags universe; the label's Amfibia offshoot has released several dub 7-inches from the likes of Don Papa and Kambo Super Sound, and it's a sound that Sotofett often explores in his DJ sets. Though his productions are generally rooted in house and techno, Sotofett hasn't been afraid to mash genres in the past—his remix on Live At Robert Johnson featured dancehall shout outs over a dubby house pulse. As the title suggests, the "Digi-Dubi-Trip-Mix Init!" version of "Happy" unites elements of digidub, reggae and house into one 10-minute stoner jam. Spread across the entire A-side, a Casiotone riddim (credited to young London-based producer Tapes) combines with swells of sub-bass pressure. The flipside features three more cuts. First, Sotofett's "Ona Dhug-Dropp Mix" of "L.I.S." is a straight dub track, Rodgers' "love is strong" vocal slowed to a hazy crawl. A brief "MIDI-Mix" by Sotofett leads into the "Slow Jungle Trippin'" version of "Happy." Here, the Casio key stabs return, jostling with a drum pattern that sounds like a jungle record played at 33. As always with Sotofett, the result is exotic.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Nick Anthony Simoncino & Mark Rogers - Happy(DJ Sotofett Digi-Dubi-Trip-Mix Init!) B1 Nick Anthony Simoncino & Mark Rogers - L.I.S.(DJ Sotofett Ona Dhug-Dropp Mix) B2 DJ Sotofett - MIDI-Mix by DJ Sotofett B3 Nick Anthony Simoncino & Mark Rogers - Happy (DJ Sotofett Slow Jungle Trippin')