Alex Burkat - Tarot

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  • Brooklyn-based producer Alex Burkat's debut single, Shower Scene, was a welcome addition to the nascent catalog of Mister Saturday Night, with orchestral samples and tempests of echo making for a lovely listen. Burkat's newest release on 100% Silk maintains the label's reputation for airy expansion without adding anything noticeably new. "Tarot" works from the same sensual template of label mate Octo Octa, with a bassline wriggling to keep from being submerged by the melting pads. You can hear just a hint of a needle gathering fuzz as it hits the dead wax. Foggy and compact, the bits of chordal unease keep things interesting. "Last Cigarette" builds predictably from a stuttering jack to the sound of someone attempting to light and finally striking a match, while the delicate melody of the overlong "Four Seasons" feels at odds with the skittering rhythm. "Tarot (Global Warming Mix)" veers dangerously close to Red Hot Chili Peppers funk before settling on a more welcome Four Tet twinkle. Like the rest of the EP, it showcases the efficiency and promise of a young producer still finding his own sound.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Tarot A2 Last Cigarette B1 Four Seasons B2 Tarot (Global Warming Mix)