Jordan GCZ - Crybaby J

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  • Balmy deep house might not be the first style you'd associate with Jordan Czamanski, one half of Juju & Jordash. Indeed, he recently told me that "Crybaby J" was him trying "to put my anger aside for a second." This first release on his new Off Minor Recordings certainly lives up to this sentiment. Clean-cut kicks and claps form a stable platform, allowing scintillating synths to drift nonchalantly. Escalating tones and the track's jazzy lead line meander insouciantly, making for a gorgeous end-of-the-night slice of deep house. Despite the obvious contrasts to his work alongside Juju, "Crybaby J" still bears the touches of their more melancholic music. This is especially true on the dub mix, as Czamanski coats the bones of the original in a duskier hue.
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      A Crybaby J B Crybaby J (Dub Mix)