Apollonia - fabric 70

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  • Dan Ghenacia, Dyed Soundorom and Shonky's Apollonia project was born in early 2012. It hatched a label that's released about half a dozen singles and a DJ crew that's played countless gigs by now. For the most part, their DJing method is back-to-back-to-back, with each member playing one track at a time. This probably creates a spontaneity you don't usually get with one-man DJ sets, but it also surely presents some challenges, especially with cohesion and flow. fabric 70 doesn't succumb to these problems in a particularly severe way, but it is nevertheless afflicted by them. Though it uses some great source material, it ends up having more peaks and troughs than necessary. The mix gets underway with the moody, shuffling drums of El Prevost's "Allez Ally," after which the bouncy atmosphere dips with Ryan Elliott's murky remix of Trus'me's "Nards." "Trinidad," the A-side from the trio's debut 12-inch, comes next, and ends up being the mix's first standout moment. Then we get Dyed Soundorom's rework of Daze Maxim's "Farbfilm," a track with a melody that's been enthralling after-hours clubbers for the past few months. It arrives at just the right moment, livening up the mood after a lull created by low-key efforts from Nail and The Mole. Romanian up-and-comer Funk E's "Masa de Fatza" gets a full six-minute rinsing but again resets the vibe to the same mellowness we've seen already. The stomping, swung house of Mood II Swing brings the energy back up, where it remains for its longest stretch yet. This is thanks to Dewalta & Frieder Klaris's elegant "Fromsidetoside," the most minimal moment on the mix, which sets things up nicely for the skippy "Scene Shifter" by Mazi. Cuts from Philip Boston, Masomenos and Ark & Cabanne pave the way to the final ten minutes, within which the much-tested "Fearless Fun" and the Stalactite Mix of "Need Ur Love" from Grimes Adhesif and Callisto close the mix out. When it's all said and done, though, there's a feeling that you've spent the past hour pushed and pulled in a few different directions—up and down, mostly. This can be perhaps be attributed to over-ambition, or a perceived need to stack fabric 70 with the same number of highs and lows you'd find in a three-hour DJ set. But with just 70 minutes to play with, the end result is a mix that, more often than not, lacks direction, despite the quality of its selections.
  • Tracklist
      01. El Prevost feat. D.Ham - Allez Ally 02. Trus'me - Nards (Ryan Elliott Remix) 03. Apollonia - Trinidad 04. The Mole - Bleep Blop Robot 05. Nail - I've Been There 06. Daze Maxim - Farbfilm (Dyed Soundorom Remix) 07. Funk E - Masa de Fatza 08. Eduardo De La Calle - The Guy From Hackney 09. Mood II Swing feat. John Ciafone - Ohh 10. DeWalta & Frieder Klaris - Fromsidetoside 11. Mazi - Scene Shifter 12. Mome - Control (Tevo Howard Remix) 13. Apollonia - Visa Americain 14. Philipp Boston - Night Chime 15. Masomenos / Ark / Cabanne - Bronze Septembre 16. Grimes Adhesif - Fearless Fun 17. Callisto - Need Ur Love (Stalactite Mix)