The Revenge - Body Fusion

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  • Most would probably agree that The Revenge and Craig Smith's "The Soul Part II" was one of the defining tracks of the nu-disco movement at the end of the last decade. Graeme Clark's profile surged in its wake after years of relative obscurity. Since then, he's extensively toured, hooked back up with Smith for an album as 6th Borough Project and delivered an edits comp. Now the Scotsman returns with his first original productions in over two years, launching his Roar Groove imprint in the process. Inspired by his pre-Revenge days in the Glasgow-based band Deportivo Street Team, Body Fusion is four analogue-heavy tracks that were originally intended as frameworks for a new live project. Evoking the boogie swagger of Word Premiere's "Share The Night," a chunky bass-riff carries "Wreck My Love" before an undercurrent of female vocals and acid strobes gradually surface to gel Clark's typically full sound. "The Joy" is deeper, leaning closer to house than disco. Just about edging "Wreck My Love" as the pick, "Lost Properly" combines gruff sub-throttle with cosmic pads and a nice bump of '80s new wave decadence. "MWI" is formed of electro beats, hi-hats and coarse modular pulses, but feels like more of a breakdown than a standalone track.
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      A1 Wreck My Love A2 The Joy B1 Lost Properly B2 MWI