Mugwump - Boutade

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  • International Feel boss Mark Barratt says his Rocha moniker was inspired by Mugwump's "Boutade," so it makes sense that his label, International Feel, should re-release what Bill Brewster hailed the best dance tune of the '00s. Olivier Grégoire and Geoffroy Dewandeler's cornerstone track was released in 2008 on Ewan Pearson and Sasse's Misericord label. Formed from a contrast of slashing strings and a weighty bass chug, "Boutade"'s soaring warmth and dramatic grandeur still sound remarkably fresh. Previously featured on Astro Lab's Treasure Hunting compilation, "God Is Gracious" follows with tinkering keys and noirish synths. On the flip, there's a tougher remix of "Boutade" that beefs things up at the expense of the original's orchestral finesse. Despite the remix failing to bring much to the table, this is still a timely reminder of Mugwump at their best ahead of their forthcoming album.
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      A1 Boutade A2 God Is Gracious B Boutade (2013 Techno Redux)