Second Storey - Margosa Heights

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  • It would be interesting to know just how much music Rob Booth had in his possession before Houndstooth launched. The releases just keep on coming from fabric's label wing, with no sign of a drop off in quality. And with Margosa Heights, Alec Storey might have toppled Akkord's Navigate as Houndstooth's strongest EP to date. Recalling Tiny Reminders-era Two Lone Swordsman, "Arpy Gables" pairs MDMA-sprinkled synths with a tearing bassline. The equally engaging "Still Seas/Just Mortal" is an amalgamation of two segments from a live set, carrying the same spectral ambiance yet with slightly more vigour. The title track combines elongated house tones with the suction of a filter, before an eight-minute soundscape, "Hebridean Mind Tours," completes the EP in a wash of droning pulses.
  • Tracklist
      01. Arpy Garbles 02. Still Seas / Just Mortal 03. Margosa Heights 04. Hebridean Mind Tours