No Artificial Colours - Crying Wolf EP

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  • With Citizen and Krystal Klear already in the Madtech stable, it comes as no surprise that Kerri Chandler has added No Artificial Colours to the roster. They're all proponents of the old-school Jersey sound—skipping percussion, perky female vocals and thumping kicks, which is exactly what you get with "Crying Wolf." While it's not exactly pushing the sound forwards, Alex Mills' fresh, somewhat forlorn delivery adds an extra dimension. A more restrained approach—musically if not vocally—"Restless Souls" is a deeper turn, with thudding MAW-style 909 drums and aggressive claps. Another guest vocal comes courtesy of Crosstown Revels affiliate Cari Golden, who adopts an lazy drawl. "Love" proves that they can work with male vocals too, here adding a ghettotech edge to a raw, shuffling workout with a big room bassline.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Crying Wolf feat. Alex Mills A2 Restless Souls feat. Cari Golden B Love feat. Sheff