Dinky - Falling Angel

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  • Dimension D, Dinky's forthcoming album, confirms her ongoing transition from house producer to singer/songwriter. However, this more dance floor-oriented version of "Falling Angel" than the one on the album proves that the Chilean artist isn't foregoing her DJ roots just yet. The main mix finds Dinky sweetly, breathily intoning—voice multi-tracked to near indecipherability—over a quirky house backing. Matthew Styles is a natural choice for a "Falling Angel" remix—he co-produced and mixed Dimension D. The Berlin-based Brit introduces a rasping bass throb and echoing finger clicks that ratchet up the tension before bursting open to reveal a frame hewn from granite, and strings that chatter and yaw. Like the original, Pépé Bradock's reworking is rooted in 4/4 house but blossoms into something atypical. In this case, that's a jazz-flecked stomp with muted synth brass that climaxes in a flurry of double bass and distorted breakbeats. Somewhat predictably, it's the enigmatic Frenchman who steals the show.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Falling Angel (12" Version) A2 Falling Angel (Matthew Styles Remix) B Falling Angel (Pepe Bradock's Detournement au Phlogiston)