Cromie & Sage Caswell - Vines / Pyrex

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  • Peach is a new label hailing from Brooklyn, though its inaugurators, Cromie & Sage Caswell, come from LA. You wouldn't guess either place judging from their music, which sounds like it came straight out of the UK. The duo channel their influences into a pleasingly individual sound that combines the swing of UK funky, the buoyancy of kwaito and the earthiness of classic American house. With some smart remix choices also included, it's not a bad way to start a label. "Pyrex" is the rager of the two, but it's deceptively lightweight, riding its chord progression steadily upward as if it were floating. The elegance of the synths is contrasted with softly squelching acid and the sharp metal of the drums. Ghosts On Tape's remix is less ethereal, but still glows as he repurposes the groove into a stabby house banger. Looking to the classicist side of US house, "Vines" has an almost gospel tinge to it, with a rising choir sample that occasionally surfaces over the staccato beat. Kyle Hall works his magic on a particularly clever remix, smearing the soundscape with his signature grit and adding whimsical synth doodles that evoke his earlier, smoother tracks like "You Know What I Feel." South African producer DJ Spoko, a perfect match for Cromie & Sage's rhythmic globalism, puts his own perky spin on it, bringing it closer to the funk of "Pyrex."
  • Tracklist
      A1 Vines A2 Pyrex B1 Vines (Kyle Hall remix) B2 Pyrex (Ghosts On Tape remix)