Dopeus - The Getaway EP

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  • From El Prevost to Wbeeza, Third Ear Recordings has unearthed its fair share of talent over the years. Next in line is Naotake Gunji, AKA Dopeus, a New York-based producer who turned heads back in 2011 with his mature "I Left My Soul on Planet Dopeus" on the Nite Grooves compilation Darkness EP Part 2. The Getaway EP keeps to the same chugging pace while polishing up the production values. The "808 Mix" of "The Getaway" has all the sultriness of a true summer jam. A well-pronounced bassline tumbles over the slo-mo frame, leaving plenty of room for the track's chiming centrepiece to frolic. Once the honeyed vocals hit, winter will be but a distant memory. The "909 Mix" swaps the chimes for billowing electric guitar, evoking a similar sense of sun through its echoey, Balearic chug. "Don't I Need You" is smoother still, this time using thick chords and spacey synths to illustrate the point, albeit in less arresting fashion. Closing track "Warpin" is the only deviation from the theme, veering off in the direction of jazz-fusion. Off-kilter kicks prop up doleful sax lines and rambling guitar solos, offering a sombre conclusion to an otherwise radiant debut.
  • Tracklist
      A1 The Getaway (808 mix) A2 The Getaway (909 dub) B1 Don't I Need You B2 Warpin