Terror Danjah & Champion - Sons of Anarchy EP

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  • There's something satisfying about this collaboration between Terror Danjah and Champion. On the one hand, you have the grime veteran and on the other, one of the pioneers of its spiritual child, UK funky. Their split 12-inch combines all the urgency of grime with the bounce of funky, compromising neither along the way. Terror Danjah's solo track "Glide" couples bit-crushed synths with muscular kicks and, incongruously, synthesised birdcalls, winding down with a sparkling melodic passage quite at odds with the preceding toughness. Champion's offering, the quasi-nostalgic "Bowser's Castle," opens with a sample of Super Mario winning coins. This triumphant sound recurs as we're immersed in a flurry of 8-bit melody and bone-dry snares. It works, though you imagine the track would have double the impact at half the length. Most intriguing is the collaboration "Explode." Deranged bongos flurry alongside dancehall vocals and agitated kicks with raw, unrelenting dynamism. In contrast, "Stone Island" shares "Explode'''s "hey!" vocal snippet but is otherwise subtler. As barren as its name would suggest, it plumps for the kind suspenseful tension and release Danjah explored on his Dark Crawler LP.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Terror Danjah - Glide A2 Terror Danjah & Champion - Stone Island B1 Champion - Bowser's Castle B2 Terror Danjah & Champion - Explode