Various - Soundtrack For No Film Vol.1

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  • Acido Records is one of the most underrated labels in Berlin. It's run by Dynamo Dreesen, an Italian producer with just a few releases to his name, all on either Acido or one of its close friends—SUED, Sex Tags Mania or Morphosis's Morphine Records. It's been operating since 2004, but always in fits and starts: after nearly a decade of putting out just one or two records per year, they released two in April alone. Today the label is something of a well-kept secret among leftfield house and techno DJs. (Marcellis had two of their records in his RA podcast, mixed one right after the other.) Soundtracks For No Film Vol.1 is a perfect example of Acido's MO. It's a mini-compilation made of what feel like sketches rather than full-blown tracks, a bit like what you get on Actress's RIP. Madteo, SVN (an Acido regular) and Dreesvn (his duo with Dynamo Dreesen) all deliver extremely subtle ambient pieces. SVN's "Low," for example, is nothing but slow waves of low frequencies, and "Moonwalk" is barely a minute long. 291out, an artist who appears to make his debut on this release, delivers the best track here with "Urania (Titoli Di Coda)," a twinkling bit of krauty deep house (and the record's only 4/4 beat). Soundtracks For No Film Vol.1 plays at 45 RPM, so the four A-side tracks fly by pretty quickly. Meanwhile, the entire B-side is devoted to one long piece: "Modul 32," a shimmering expanse of beatless synths from Norwegian producer Doc L Junior. Like the best Acido releases, it's as pretty as it is strange.
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      A1 Madteo – Science Fiction A2 291out – Urania (Titoli Di Coda) A3 SVN (2) – Low A4 Dreesvn – Moonwalk B Doc L Junior – Modul 32