_Unsubscribe_ - Spek Hondje

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  • When UK techno veteran Dave Clarke hooked up with Mr Jones to form _Unsubscribe_ a little over 18 months ago, he hadn't set foot in the studio for more than six years. Nevertheless Spek Hondje, the duo's first release together, smacks of nothing but laboured experience. Made up of three versions of the same track, the central template is a thundering groove with crisp kicks that cut through a coarse bassline. On the "Vox," warped synths meld with the mangled growls of US vocalist Bear Who?, whose repeated claims to be "the rhythm rider" command attention atop the pummelling framework. Although difficult to stomach at times, its brutality is all part of the charm. The instrumental mix leaves the track's many elements to writhe and contort in greater clarity, while the "Bassapella" isolates the vox and the synths, making for a potentially devastating tool.
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      A1 Vox Spek Hondje A2 Inst. Spek Hondje Digital: Bassapella Spek Hondje