Recondite / Julien H Mulder - Shift 003

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  • Across its first two releases, Singapore label Midnight Shift made a point of showcasing lesser known artists (Eddie Niguel, Ultrademon) alongside their more widely celebrated peers (Basic Soul Unit, Iron Curtis). This approach continues on Shift 003, as Recondite saddles up alongside Julien H Mulder. A mass of bulging bass hits and rippling synths, "Borderline" is every bit the type of meditative techno we've come to expect from Recondite. As the track progresses, a dark veil tightens around the elements—synths become shriller and each kick more ominous with every swollen step. "Stomper" is more direct, marrying jackhammer drums with a distorted synth line, giving it the sheen of classic Berghain techno. Mulder's "Won't Say Nothing" sends wild cosmic synths tumbling over bass-heavy breakbeats. The result is beautifully disjointed. On "Old Rutins," Mulder really flexes his muscles. He launches straight into a taught and funky groove, as muted 303s play off razor sharp claps. This is without a doubt the strongest Shift release to date.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Recondite - Borderline A2 Recondite - Stomper B1 Julien H Mulder - Won't Say Nothing B2 Julien H Mulder - Old Rutins