Traversable Wormhole - Volume 6-10

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  • Adam X has long been a proponent of harsh, industrialized techno, but he's never been in the spotlight the way he's been in recent years, thanks to his once-anonymous alias Traversable Wormhole. To his credit though, there's been little change (aside from some colored vinyl), and certainly no compromise, after the first five TW records were collected, extensively remixed, and made available digitally on Chris Liebing's CLR back in 2010. Traversable Wormhole Volume 6-10, the second compilation for CLR, sees him consolidate ten more takes on the successful formula he's used since the beginning of the project. That means another set of intensely atmospheric techno geared more towards club sessions than listening at home. These are long tracks—each one clocks in around the eight-minute mark, just a bit longer than those on the first five EPs. As before, there's a blend of straight 4/4 rhythms and broken-beat patterns. This time, each track carves out even wider expanses of space that DJs will be eager to dig into. Take "Universal Time." About three-and-a-half minutes into that one, an array of bells announces its presence, gradually intensifying as if teetering on the brink of... something. Such heady, open-ended moments are common throughout, waiting to be utilized in the mix. For interstellar travelers based on a living room couch instead of a club, Volume 6-10 will still make for an appropriately spaced-out journey, and the mixed version should leave some blown minds in its wake. A few of the tracks do seem particularly powerful when heard from front to back, like "Present Hypersurface," with its hair-raising ambiance, and opener "Centauri Dreams," whose garish synth wails sound like some cosmic call to arms. They'll each leave the biggest impression, however, when played loudly for dark dance floors—just like previous efforts. In fact, you probably won't notice much of a difference in sound between Volume 6-10 and the first compilation, and indeed some of that initial thrill has probably faded, but that seems beside the point. Adam X has created a singular style with Traversable Wormhole; there's hardly any need to mess with something that works this well.
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      01. Centauri Dreams 02. Negative Energy Density 03. Four Dimensional Manifold 04. Present Hypersurface 05. Subliminal Warp Drive 06. Worldline 07. Universal Time 08. Eternalism 09. The Wormhole Nexus 10. Paradoxical Consequences