Jamie Jones - Moan & Groan

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  • Between Hot Natured and all the touring he does, I can't imagine Jamie Jones has much time to make music solo anymore. Let's also not forget that last year's Tracks From The Crypt was made up of tunes that dated back to 2007. That's why, for his fans, every little Jamie Jones morsel is a big deal. His latest tidbit on Crosstown Rebels is also his first solo release of 2013. As far as these things go, “Moan & Groan” is pretty typical Jamie Jones fare. The elastic bassline might be a little more frisky than usual, but the melody is straightforward as ever. A dinky organ riff lends some light shades of humour. The alternately rasped and whispered lyrics ("I wanna make you scream") sound like Jones aping Tiga at his most flamboyant, and while certainly enjoyable, it all feels a little slight, the kind of thing he could churn out in droves. The other side is given over to two remixes of "Tonight In Tokyo." As soft and pillowy as clouds, "Tonight" was one of Crypt's highlights, its shimmering arps standing out amidst the album's low-end mire. Breach sands off the original's shine and replaces it with dull grey and one of his signature ascending-descending basslines. The breakdown lets loose a sea of glittering confetti that makes up for its lack of complexity. French veterans Cassius come out of nowhere with a massive 12-minute rework, full of the measured patience that comes with the hands of experts. It's definitely surprising, which is more than you can say for the other two solid but unremarkable tracks.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Moan & Groan A2 Tonight In Tokyo (Breach Remix) B Tonight In Tokyo (Cassius Remix)