Pev & Hodge - Bells

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  • Recent releases on Punch Drunk have felt especially meditative, with label boss Peverelist homing in on the quivering dub heart that lies at the core of his music. "Bells," a collaboration between him and Outboxx's Hodge, is no different. This one comes in two versions, both centered around a dizzy melody that's laced with flimsy synth trails and, of course, bells. What's most striking about the "Dream Sequence" mix is that it has a straight kick drum. While Peverelist and his Livity Sound crew have been moving ever closer to house, it's rare to hear it executed quite like this. (I'd chalk this up to Hodge.) On this mix, everything is ephemeral and threatens to flicker away permanently, as the central melody pans in and out, and the bells chime ominously. The "System Mix" is more like the Peverelist we know and love: dub effects are liberally applied, the track's bassline nearly blots out everything else, and the drum pattern is broken and tattered. It doesn't quite reach the majesty of the "Dream Sequence" mix but it doesn't need to—it's another excellent addition to Peverelist's discography, primitive and futuristic all at once.
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      A Bells (System mix) B Bells (Dream Sequence)