Matt Tolfrey - Encarta

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  • Matt Tolfrey's debut long-player from October last year added a sheen to the Leftroom boss's already lauded discography. Word Of Mouth now spawns a second EP, with album opener "Encarta" getting remixed by Marco Bernadi and DJ Sprinkles. The original embodies what made Word Of Mouth a success: silky, enveloping melodies, Rhodes warmth and finely tuned timbres. The first of two excellent remixes comes from Bernardi, who subtly picks up the pace. Crushed drums and slippery cymbals are joined by a wandering pair of synths, augmenting the original's restrained energy. DJ Sprinkles stretches his gaseous effort over the 11-minute mark, hiding barely-there percussion, echoed bass notes and effected vocals under the original's syrupy chords. It's a circuitous journey with an ember glow that never subsides.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Encarta A2 Encarta (Marco Bernardi Remix) B Encarta (DJ Sprinkles Soft Dub)