Erdbeerschnitzel - Cushion EP

  • Published
    31 May 2013
  • Words
    Resident Advisor
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  • Released
    June 2013
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  • Last year's Tender Leaves showcased the ever-surprising Erdbeerschnitzel at his most expansive. It meandered between Herbie Hancock funk, UK garage and the crackly disco he's made his own over the last four years. He's never been one to restrict his creativity, although on EPs he's tended to exercise greater restraint—this debut on Delsin, his first release since Tender Leaves, sees him ploughing a more floor-focused furrow. Lead cut "Cushion" is sepia-tinted, its drums flaking rust on every stomp, with an achingly gorgeous flute line winding above them. It's a track drenched in nostalgia, the aural equivalent of finding a high-school photo at the back of a drawer. In comparison, "Am Bosselle" is anxiety inducing: drums, vocal snippets and synth stabs each claim a brief moment of clarity before diffusing back into chaos. Things round out with the sleepy stride of "Crossroads," whose kicks stumble across twirling chimes with enough bass to leave a bruise. The rhythmic switch-up at the half is a deft move, like watching a drunk skip suddenly into a Fred Astaire shimmy. The lo-fi house pool may be full to bursting, but few producers can make such sparse elements resonate with this much emotional clout.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Cushion A2 Am Bossele B Crossroads