Move D - Wanna Do

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  • There's a reliability to David "Move D" Moufang's work that ensures every release is worth investigating. "Wanna Do" might not break into new territories—it's a warm and springy deep house track that pretty much finds Moufang on autopilot—but it's a supple and lovely enough thing regardless. Its fat, breezy organ chords and pinpricks of piano feel early afternoon languid, while a stammering bass motif burbles upward as if to give certain bars extra emphasis. "Nautique" is a slightly moodier prospect. It's an entirely spacier beast, spending its first few minutes swimming lazily in a choppy sea of low-end drone. Like the A-side, it could quite happily work in a sun-soaked daytime set—the track's middle section is almost cartoonishly mellow—but there's a terser edge to its percussion that hints towards twilight. At the same time, it never quite rouses itself to action, preferring to drift along in comfortable, spaced-out reverie. As with "Wanna Do," its blissed-out elegance sounds like the most effortless and natural thing in the world.
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      A Wanna Do B Nautique