Huerco S. - Apheleia's Theme

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  • Kansas City producer Huerco S. has become something of a poster boy for the lo-fi house style. And justifiably so: he's responsible for arguably the finest Opal Tapes release—an untitled four-tracker—and helped launch Anthony Naples' Proibito label with a solid outing as Royal Crown Of Sweden. This single, then, comes with a reasonable amount of anticipation—not least because of the pressing plant demons that caused its release to be delayed by several months. The title track is the main attraction, a chunky, low-slung house number that rolls along in sweaty bliss for some nine minutes. Heat is undeniably the dominant sensation: every element is compressed into a single muggy surface, whose muscular throb gives rise to chords that shimmer with seductive grace. "Cery" is brisker and brighter, its main draw being the dexterous synth figures that ascend through the fug. Finally, "Ausschachtung" falls in line with the producer's earlier, more nocturnal fare, its full-bodied bassline overlaid with muddied speech, garbled bursts of percussion and odd synth flourishes. At its best, Huerco's brand of soporific dub-house perfectly balances groove and dysfunction, clarity and concealment.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Apheleia's Theme" B1 Ausschachtung B2 Cercy