Mathew Jonson - Automaton

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  • Both sides of Mathew Jonson's music turn up on his second outing for Crosstown Rebels. On "Automaton," the Canadian unveils a high-tempo, elastic house number with a techy underbelly. It kicks off with breakneck congas, loosely sprung bass and stiletto-sharp synth stabs before gently breaking down into a cloud of spacey keys. It then jumps back in with an attack of renewed vigour, the acid-washed bassline doing battle with a gnarly analogue refrain. If "Automaton" is fairly straightforward, the tone is rather different on "In The Stars." Almost Balearic in execution—albeit once again with acidic undertones—it bubbles around a slack-jawed groove of pitter-patter snares, occasionally halting for a breather through a jazzy breakbeat interlude. Its most memorable aspect is a honeyed melody that sounds like steel drums squeezed through an effects box. While it may lack the stridency of the A-side, it's got considerably longer legs.
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      A Automation B In The Stars