andhim - The Wizard Of Us EP

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  • andhim's approachable chord sequences and eccentric sound palette fall in line with the sound of their native city, Cologne. But they also have a style of their own, fond of driving their tracks with a playful march and a Teutonic sense of humour. This is serving them well as up-and-comers: the last couple of years have seen releases on Terminal M and a deservedly popular re-edit of Theophilus London's "Wine And Chocolate." They continue this rise with their debut on Get Physical. "Wizard Of Us" is a jaunt through the woods in a medieval German tale. Dusty guitars chug, detuned organs hum and a miasma of background elements swim in reverb. "Hausch" is the more special of the two. A striking chord sequence and a buoyant cowbell carry it along, as vocal cries, glistening ornamentation and a smart arrangement keep the energy high. It would be perfect for, say, the Sunday afternoon shift at a festival.
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      A The Wizard Of Us B Hausch