Various - Bias Jams 2

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  • The Zenker brothers and their label have worked for years to establish their individual take on techno. The second Bias Jams release presents an established Ilian Tape veteran with some newcomers, and makes a bite-sized cross-section of the imprint's style in the process. Jonas Kopp offers "Looking Glass," a standard cut with a smeared, barely-there melody. Like the best of his work, a discrete house touch, via loose snare work, keeps the track on its toes. Brighton's Myles Sergé offers the least distinctive newbie turn, though it's no slouch—there's a wonderful but subtle swing to the way its chords slot into the comparatively rigid hi-hat pattern. Italian producer Andrea (not to be confused with the Andy Stott alias) stands out with "Hits," which features an impish bassline that doesn't sound like it could fit amidst the hectic percussion. But the pièce de résistance of Bias Jams 2 belongs to another fresh face—Beau Thigpen, better known as Night Slugs associate Helix. He throws down the fearsome "Trak," which takes a bright chord sample and feeds it through a shredder. Nailed down by temper-tantrum kick drums, there's certainly something catchy in there, but you'd get trampled trying to isolate just what.
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      A1 Jonas Kopp - Looking Glass A2 Thigpen - Trak B1 Andrea (99) - Hits B2 Myles Serge - Breakfast With Audy