Vedomir - Marcel Dettmann Remixes

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  • Amsterdam's Dekmantel has a great track record for drawing off-kilter and deeply psychedelic club music from its contributors—be that Juju & Jordash's weed-hazed improvisations, astral jazz/techno excursions from Rabih Beaini, or Vakula's exploratory house as Vedomir. Here Ostgut's Marcel Dettmann remixes two tracks from the latter's self-titled album from last year, with great results. Dettmann is skilled at moulding the contours of his remixes to beautifully match the spirit of their source material. So it is with these re-workings of "Suprematism" and "Dreams," which recast the originals as warm and enveloping club tracks. Both pull off the neat, contradictory trick of feeling rather low-key while still packing significant force for club play. "Dreams" is pillowy and sepia-tinted, its single stammering loop allowed to grind away within a surrounding mesh of staticky interference, surface grit and muffled drums. "Music Suprematism" is a marvellous, meditative piece of work, little more than a colossal arpeggiated bassline driven by equally monstrous kicks. Its surface is scored with blasts, squeals and blurts that sound wrenched from decrepit pieces of Radiophonic Workshop equipment, all theremin whine and clipped fragments of human voice.
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      A1 Music Suprematism (Marcel Dettmann Remix) B1 Dreams (Marcel Dettmann Remix)