Rene Audiard - Cywilizacja Pt. 1 / Stranger

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  • Soren Jahan's work as Rene Audiard takes a starkly different tack from the deep house he makes as one half of B-Tracks. A scan through tracklists of mixes he's given away over the past year or so provides a good perspective on the influences he's drawing from: they heavily feature stripped-back, dubby material from labels like Perlon, Force Tracks, Basic Channel and Maurizio. And last year's well-received Pechorin album meshed together ideas from minimal house and dub techno in a way that felt distinctly contemporary, managing to avoid the trap of re-treading well-worn old ground. This follow-up 12-inch is the second release on Jahan's own Blank Slate label (following a very solid debut outing that gathered four unknown producers), and finds his balance shifting further towards straight-up minimal house. It's done with real flair: each of the two tracks here unravels over 12-plus minutes, but they remain fascinating throughout. Jahan is skilled at blending his sounds together in such a way that it's tough to pick any one element from the fray. The bulk of the melodic heft of "Cywilizacja Pt. 1" is contained within a breathy pipe melody, but it's always eroding away at the edges into greyscale synth drones and what sound like the strains of a sunken choir. "Stranger" is noisier and rather more sinister, its clatter of incidental sound prickling at the edges of perception and recalling the paranoia of Ricardo Villalobos' strangest work.
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      A Cywilizacja Pt. 1 B Stranger