Rrose - Waterfall Variations

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  • After two separate releases of Merchant Of Salt, on Sandwell District and Eaux, Rrose has now chosen to expose the record's B-side, "Waterfall," in its foetal form: a newly issued "Birth" mix, included here on Waterfall Versions, was actually recorded before the version released two years ago. It now arrives with a remix by Stroboscopic Artefacts' Lucy, and supplemented by a new Rrose track, "Shrouds." While the well-known original was based on a gradual blossoming of a corrosive synth that built to an orgasmic peak, the "Birth" version has space for haunting atonal murmurs that add a sense of hallucinatory ambience. Halfway through, the ghastly cries take center stage, giving an almost Boards Of Canada-like eeriness to the finish. The Lucy remix is a slow-and-steady march, made memorable by sporadic guitar-like synth hits and waves of visceral noise. The artist's signature conjuration of sophisticated sonic textures is unmistakeable during the intro and outro of the track, making these often overlooked sections perhaps the most interesting. "Shrouds" is lo-fi with starkly minimalistic percussion. Calling to mind the earlier works of Regis, it's uncharacteristically dark for Rrose.
  • Tracklist
      A Waterfall (Lucy Remix) A2 Waterfall (Birth) B1 Shrouds