Mark Broom - Two

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  • Is "Two" really 11 years old? Belgian label Token are re-issuing Mark Broom's 2002 track on marbled vinyl and have made it available digitally for the first time—simply because it still sounds so fresh. It's energetic, driving techno but not to the exclusion of groove and melody. Broom lays down kicks that are grimy and tough, pairing them with a neck-snapping percussive accompaniment and then offsetting them with ethereal, trippy pads that could be a refugee from a Good Lookin' release circa 1997. The "Syntax Interpretation" (just a posh word for remix, isn't it?) does what a remix should do and brings something different to the table. Part chillout, part end of night skank, it bounces scratchy interference off the walls and works in bass drops, dubby rimshots and spattering snares that tail off into nothing. This record proves you don't have to stuff a re-release package with endless remixes to make an impact.
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      A Two B Two (Syntax Interpretation)