Echologist - The Mechanics Of Joy

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  • This one's not for headphones. Brendon Moeller's first EP of 2013 abandons his softer dub techno sensibilities and sets its sights on the dance floor. His debut for Prologue, as per usual for the Munich label, takes a long and winding route to get there, but kicks up quite a storm in its path anyways. Grumbly and greyscale, the effect of these tracks is often more physical than audible. You'll need a decent system or they'll probably fall a little flat. "Head On" feels as if it were all low-end, minus some warbly synth that coughs intermittently like a dying dial-up modem. It's driven by a bassline that would make Shackleton jealous. "The Mechanics Of Joy" takes the basic elements of a Moeller banger—dubby and straight-ahead—and stretches it into a tantric feat, battering a simple melody until it's swollen but refusing climax. The flipside is more dynamic. "More Instinct" sends its grotty bassline through an obstacle course of sounds, striking pockets of low-end landmines. Ending the EP how it started, "Crossing Over" keeps the lid on, leaving the groove at a steady simmer.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Head On A2 The Mechanics Of Joy B1 More Instinct B2 Crossing Over