Danny Daze - The Calm

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  • First brought to our attention through Hot Creations, Danny Daze has since veered off in search of darker, less sun-soaked moods. Last year's RA podcast was for many a surprise, revealing the Miami producer's love for tough, '80s electro. Daze now returns to Maceo Plex's Ellum Audio with The Calm. Leading with leaden kicks and a coarse bassline, the title track feels starved of sunlight. The ambience darkens further as sinister female voices muse on the possible whereabouts of their "only cigarette." All-engulfing synths eventually provide some light, but they only accentuate the unnerving aesthetic. The ever-eclectic Dexter injects some much-needed verve into the original, pushing the BPM up to 130 and transforming the track into a razor-sharp techno steamroller. On "I See You There" Daze captures a little form, shedding the asocial veneer in favour of metallic stabs and breathy male vocals, but overall the EP is not among his better work.
  • Tracklist
      A1 The Calm B1 The Calm (Dexter Remix) B2 I See You There