Various - Eglo Records Vol.1

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  • Since launching in 2008, Eglo have pulled off the tricky task of being both diverse in style and consistent in quality. There could be no better proof of this than Eglo Records Vol 1, a chronological tour through the label's best moments. Touching on hip-hop, soul, jazz, acid house and melodic techno, the compilation highlights a close-knit crew of London artists. Unsurprisingly, many of its high points come from label co-founder Sam Shepheard, AKA Floating Points—"Vacuum Boogie," "Marylin," "Myrtle Avenue" and "Shark Chase" all sound vital. But many of the lesser-known tracks are equally charming. "Soul Glo," Fatima's ode to George Clinton space-funk, is still a joy, while Funkineven's acid workout "Heart Pound" has a relentless energy that's hard not to love. Despite Eglo's open-ended style, there's a thread of wonky jazz running through its output, which gives the compilation a certain common atmosphere, if not an easily definable sound. The new tracks here are just strong. "Wires" is a confident step forward for Floating Points—an 11-minute suite with an ensemble of musicians weaving through soul-soaked hip-hop and cosmic jazz-fusion. Fatima's "Visit You" is strong as well. It's modern R&B in the best possible sense, where the lean production has just enough spark to balance her honeyed vocals. This bodes well for the Swedish-born singer's forthcoming album. Eglo fans won't be surprised that Eglo Records Vol.1 is great. For the uninitiated, it's an introduction to one of the UK's most exciting electronic music labels.
  • Tracklist
      CD1 01. Floating Points - Radiality 02. Floating Points - Vacuum Boogie 03. Funkineven feat. Fatima - Kleer 04. Shuanise - Catch 05. Fatima - Soul Glo 06. Funkineven - She's Acid 07. Floating Points - Shark Chase 08. Arp.101 - Dead Leaf 09. Funkineven - Heart Pound 10. Arp.101 - Flush 11. Mizz Beats - Sanctuary CD2 01. Fatima feat. Floating Points - Innervisions 02. Floating Points - Sais (Dub) 03. Floating Points - Marylin 04. Funkineven - Roland's Jam 05. Floating Points - Danger 06. Arp.101 - U 07. Mizz Beats - Scientific Brainpriest 08. Floating Points - Myrtle Avenue 09. Fatima - Visit You 10. Floating Points Ensemble - Wires 11. Shuanise - Mercy 12. GB Presents The Abstract Eye - Reflexes