Various Artists - GPH19

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  • GPH19 is a rare release on Mike Parker's Geophone that doesn't solely feature his own productions. Instead, it shows off the varied talents of Voices From The Lake, Shifted and Stanislav Tolkachev, with the label boss himself offering a digital-only track. Parker has collaborated with Donato Dozzy a handful of times over the years, and here he hosts him and fellow Italian producer Neel for their first Voices From The Lake production since last year's excellent self-titled LP. Filled with slashing percussion and tweaked-out analog noise, "Reptilicus" is the duo's hardest-hitting track to date, one that's sure to work a dance floor. Shifted adds to his abundant output with a remix of Parker's "Mnajdra." On the original, undulating electrified reverberations sit atop a spacious half-time kick, begging to be put to work as a layering tool. Shifted wisely obliges, strenghtening the source material with a sturdy 4/4 rhythm and adding his own mechanical hums and blackened atmospheres. Winding down the EP is Tolkachev, a Ukrainian producer who's been cooking up sinewy, experimental techno since the mid-'00s. With "Heartbeat," his thunderous drums sound off beneath an oblique, slow-moving melody, seemingly extracted from some towering cathedral organ. Whatever the origins, it all feels warm and fuzzy—an inspiring end to a record where each artist brought the goods.
  • Tracklist
      A Voices From The Lake - Reptilicus B1 Mike Parker - Mnajdra (Shifted Remix) B2 Stanislav Tolkachev - Heartbeat Digital: Mike Parker - Mnajdra