Bicep - Stash EP

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  • Attributed with fuelling the UK's recent infatuation with '90s house, Bicep were always due a tricky transition period when the musical tides inevitably shifted. Judging by their latest four-track outing on Aus Music, however, nobody understood this better than Bicep. The opening stages of "Stash" hint at another frolic down "Stripper" way, but then an undulating groove pushes us in another direction. As throbs morph into high-pitched twinkles, we're left with as robust and memorable a track as we've come to expect from the duo, though it's framed within a deeper context. "Courtside Drama" continues to explore this territory, marrying off-kilter drums with floaty synths and bassline hum. The result is both unhurried and dream-like. "Rise" has a touch more bite. Chords play off punchy stabs, and the clinical thrust of their usual peak-time fare becomes a little grander. If the previous three tracks gave strong hints of a new direction, then closing track "The Game" confirms it. As warm, delicate melodies play out over machine-gun snares and sluggish bass, you can only applaud the duo for stepping out of their comfort zone.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Stash A2 Courtside Drama B1 Rise B2 The Game