Norm Talley - Analog XTC

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  • Sparse doesn't even come close to adequately describing "Analog XTC," Norm Talley's latest, on the vinyl-only offshoot of Germany's Minimood label, Minimood Extra. Sparking into sombre life with a fizz of white noise and ominous hums, "Analog XTC" ploughs a relatively linear path, but steps up half a gear at its mid-point after the introduction of a few organic creaks. A single, undulating synth that adds both depth and warmth. Where the original is straight down the line, Sascha Dive's remix is all about the groove, complemented with the dollop of off-kilter unease you'd expect from the German producer. Despite a longer runtime than its source material, the track never outstays its welcome, with steadily layered percussion and intricately panned synth wobbles building a tension that never quite peaks. Instead, it fades into a unresolved finale that leaves you wondering if it was ever there in the first place.
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      A Analogue XTC B Analogue XTC (Sascha Dive Remix)